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The Welfare Market. 0.50 euros a kilo, Is there a future?

PEC (Stall Under Construction) is a recently opened shared workspace, located in the San Fernando Market, in the Madrid Lavapiés neighbourhood. In its conception professionals from different fields came together, professionals who had been networking together on social issues in different collectives such as Autoconstrucción: arquitecturas para la necesidad (Self-building: Architecture for needs), Plataforma en defensa de los Mercados de Abastos, (Local food market Defence Platform), SlowFood, Arquitectos sin Fronteras (Architects Without Frontiers) and Ágoras.arq. The spheres for these common actions are urban territories which include significant self-managed social spaces such as El Patio Maravillas, La Tabacalera and Corredera 20 in Madrid and  La Casa Invisible in Málaga.

The Plataforma en defensa de los Mercados de Abastos (Local food market Defence Platform) and the search for shared workspaces led us to the San Fernando Market. A Market which since early 2012 has been undergoing a revitalization process driven by grassroots initiatives.

From the basis of our collective concerns we carry out research and work on the Local Food Market as a public space, as a meeting space, as a square for commercial exchange which has contributed towards the current layout of cities and historic centres. Spaces for the distribution and sale of food products which have been affected by current market-driven dynamics which have transformed our ways of social interaction, tastes and consumer habits.

We are moving a work based on archiving and reflecting which is open to the public into the Montehermoso space. We present a trip from the beginnings of the Local Food Markets, their evolution, transformation and possible disappearance. Displaying the implications of a situation of decadence in our daily lives: the loss of food sovereignty, the privatization of public spaces, the success of the large food companies to the detriment of producers and sellers, the deterioration of neighbourhood social networks, destruction of heritage.
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