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October 19, 2012  - January 13,  2013

Tomás Alfaro Fournier
Balbino Sobrado Cobas
Photographs 1909-1931
Pilar Aróstegui Archive

Maider López

PEC: puesto en construcción

Virginia Villaplana
Artworks 2012

"The Present Past" is a joint project between the Pilar Aróstegui Municipal Archive and the Centro Cultural Montehermoso Kulturunea, which seeks to bear witness to the relationships which people generate with the archive, the document, the memory, history and the contemporary.

Based on a selection of the photographic works of Tomás Alfaro Fournier and Balbino Sobrado Cobas, different cultural agents and collectives have been invited to put forward approaches and re-readings of these documents.

"The Present Past" does not aim to flee from these multiple gazes but seeks to witness and extend them by showing how all of us are active agents in the processes of creating history and our stance towards these processes might be that of generating narratives based on metamorphosis and the current state of our city.

For this reason Maider López (San Sebastián, 1975), PEC: Puesto en construcción (Set in construction) (Madrid, 2011) and Virginia Villaplana (Paris, 1972) have been invited to work alongside associations and collectives such as the Álava Women's Assembly, the Theatre Laboratory Ortzai, the Álava Audio-Visual Media Society (SAMA) or collectives working on food sovereignty and alternative more sustainable modes of consumption. The results of this collaboration work is to be found alongside the photographs of these authors, this way inviting us to propose our approach to the archive, creating other narratives on the present.

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