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Puertollano (SP), 1966 / Lives and works in Barcelona

Entre sueños. Ensayos sobre la nueva imaginación política (Between dreams. Essays on the new political imagination) is a series of works by Marcelo Exposito which started in 2003, with the aim of exploring the forms of political creativity expressed in the new metropolitan social movements during the current cycle of conflicts. Montehermoso will show a compendium of the four works in videographic format which have, up to now, made up this series. The central subject matter of Primero de Mayo (la ciudad-fábrica) [First of May (the city/factory)] (61’, 2004), filmed in Italy, is constituted by new forms of action against social precariousness, exemplified by the Chainworkers collective and its redefinition of MayDay as the First of May for workers in precarious conditions. La imaginación radical (carnavales de resistencia) [Radical imagination (resistance carnivals)] (60’, 2004), filmed in London, deals with the politicisation of carnivalesque modes of protest within the British Reclaim the Streets movement and, in particular, during the global day of action that occupied and paralysed the City (London’s financial centre) on 18 June 1999, thereby prefiguring forms of protest characteristic of the global movement after Seattle. Frivolidad táctica + Ritmos de Resistencia (Tactical frivolity + Rhythms of resistance), (made with Nuria Vila; 39’, 2007) describes the way in which particular forms of protest were modelled within the public space on the occasion of the mobilisations against the summit of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which took place in Prague in the year 2000. Finally, No reconciliados (nadie sabe lo que un cuerpo puede) [Unreconciled (nobody knows what a body is capable of)] (105’, 2009), filmed in Argentina, explores some of the ways in which art, creativity, politics and activism have come together in the pro-Human Rights movements that have campaigned around the genocide that was fundamentally perpetrated during the period of the last Argentine military dictatorship. Montehermoso took part in the production of this final tape, which is now presented to the public for the first time. M.E

May 22nd - August 30th

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