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September 17th - January 9th

Montehermoso is presenting the first solo exhibition in Spain of the work by the artist Susan Hiller, one of the most important figures in British conceptual art. Her artistic work, writing, lectures and publications have turned her into a crucial reference point for new generations of artists.

“What I See” the title of the exhibition and of one of the pieces on show, encompasses different stages in the career of this artist, who began her professional production in the early 1970s, when she moved from the United States to London. The show includes works which examine recurring issues in her work, such as the analysis of hegemonic forms of representation, the criticism of the objectivity of science and the redefinition of art as a discipline for knowledge.

Hiller’s artworks make constant references to telepathy, spiritualism, meditation, automatic writing and hypnosis, along with the use and --sometimes ironic-- re-appropriation of psychoanalysis, feminism, cinematographic language, museography and archiving and cataloguing techniques. This approach offers new systems for the relationship between apparently unrelated, contradictory and even opposing spaces, in the shape of works which highlight the ideologies operating in indexing processes in the field of art and science, applied, for example, to seaside postcards from the United Kingdom or to languages undergoing a process of extinction. A systematic confrontation with the logic of exclusion inherent to rational processes, through the recovery of ruled-out and rejected elements. Through an approach which combines seduction and rigour, the artist examines the cultural artefacts that make up “the visible world”. A world full of traces and signs which Hiller uses to build alternative “others” alphabets, questioning a society which rejects the unconscious, and whose underlying ghosts and fears remain hidden.

Susan Hiller (Tallahassee, Florida, 1940) has recently exhibited her work at prestigious museums and art centres, such as Index (Stockholm), the Museo Serralves (Oporto) and the Kunsthalle Basel (Basel). Her work has also been on show at the 5th Berlin Biennial, and at the exhibition “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution” at the Los Angeles MOCA. The TATE Britain museum is preparing a retrospective show on this artist, which will be displayed in February, 2011.

Curated by Beatriz Herráez and Xabier Arakistain

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