Centro Cultural

Exhibitions. PASSWORDS. New Representation on Femininity

Cycle 10. Dora García, María Llopis (Girlswholikeporno), Sigalit Landau, O.R.G.I.A, Diego del Pozo, Martha Rosler, Señora Polaroiska, Soytomboi

Curated by Haizea Barcenilla and Saioa Olmo

Figures like Margaret Thatcher or Lara Croft are seen as the exceptions which confirm the rule: whether we like it or not, for a long time the socially accepted view that women are submissive, tidy, calm, sweet, gentle and a plethora of other epithets has been socially accepted, reducing their sphere of action to caring and being concerned for others.[...] The deconstruction of these prototypes is one of the largest battles in the feminist struggle; a seemingly never-ending battle, as it is true that, even though the ideas we’re trying to destroy have been unofficially left behind, they continue to be tacitly conveyed in a subtle way through gender mandates. [...]

The works presented in this exhibition attempt to analyse and reveal the influence of gender mandates in the construction of identities. Some speak clearly of the weight of the family and the media; others, in a more subtle way, try to reflect the impositions which we ourselves often transmit without realising it. In all cases, the videos show situations which, because they are less visible than the marginal and stereotypical realms, often go unnoticed, despite being essential to the production of pre-determined social roles.
 H. B. // S.O.

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