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Exhibitions. PASSWORDS, New Representation on Femininity

Cycle 8. STOWAWAYS. Hidden passengers in contemporary art, 2000-2009

Uli Aigner, Andrea Bowers, Patty Chang, annette hollywood, Katarzyna Kozyra, Christina Lammer, Karl Leitgeb, Sands Murray-Wassink.

Curated by Elke Silvia Krystufek.
January 22nd - May 16th, 2010

Stowaways Is about the embarassing, the hidden, the uncool, and the cool to catch up to. These videos are about what we do not want to think about or think about and do not want or what we think about and you haven´t thought about yet. The transformation of powerlessness into power by showing.  Bill Viola with a handycam.What do a colonoscopyvideo, a woman washing her clothed husband and eels under a blouse have in common? Masturbation, a feminist writing love letters, obviously not so successfully in love. At least it is a story from the past, an artist making fun of the role of the curator, a videopiece called "tschuktschuk“ which I haven´t seen yet (why should I lie as a curator?) You will see it and by the time Stowaways is presented to the public I will have seen it, too. Then a singing artist disguised as a fat woman to question the quality of the singing and of the beauty of bodies. Stowaways is about the disorder in art and a kind of honesty of the failed picture or the missing links behind a pretended shinier surface or ambition. Stowaways is  meant as an extension to show a glimpse of what you do not see when you go into an art exhibition. This can be good or bad. Good or bad. Good or bad art. Judgement day. Then of course you can show everything in an art context, so why not?  When the Stowaways get out of the boat the story continues. What happens after the exhibition, the aftereffects? -Who made which connection, which meanings were created for whom, Stowaways  to take home or away or into the next exhibition? No group show is a justified presentation of gender, sexuality or identity. An artist curator is not a normal curator. I wanted a loose combination, I did not want something definitive, I wanted the audience mildly entertained and slowly drawn into some of the videos and I wanted the selection to have enough absence of sense to be truthful. Don´t try to figure out what the project is about, because if I told you already why should you go to Montehermoso to see it?

Elke Silvia Krystufek

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