Centro Cultural



Reference Library
Free access.

Free and direct access to the collection (except for special materials, which must be requested from the library staff).

Several reading and study booths.

OPAC  (on line public access catalogue)

Online catalog

The online catalogue offer users the chance to delve into the documentary collection of the centre, with an easy navigation format. It is based on an open source library management system, KOHA.
Exhibition Documentation Area

Specific bibliographic section documenting the exhibitions and cultural activities taking place at Montehermoso.

Online area

Space with 19 computers with Internet connections, a range of programmes and multimedia archives, etc.

This resource is only open to the members of the Documentation Centre (except for document enquires, which is open to all visitors), and the specific rules and regulations must be followed.

Screening area

Area offering access to the audiovisual collection of the Documentation Centre.

Projection screen and multichannel digital sound system.


With the exception of art catalogues, reference texts and documents whose condition or nature make loans inadvisable, all works can be borrowed. In order to do so all that is necessary is a member’s card.

Every member will be able to borrow from our Documentation Centre:
  • 3 books, for up to 15 days, which can be extended for two more 15-day periods.
  • 3 magazines (prior to the current month), for up to 15 days, which can be extended for two more 15-day periods.
  • 3 documents, for up to 7 days, which can be extender for two more 7-day periods.
Loan renewals will be permitted as long as the documents in question have not been reserved by another member. Each member may reserve a maximum of two items. If the reserved document is out on loan, the staff will get in touch with the member who requested it, when it is returned, to let him know that it is available. If it is not borrowed within two days, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.

For inter-library loan system between the centres, speak directly with the staff at the centre.

Intercambio de publicaciones

Servicio para otros centros culturales, museos, bibliotecas, universidades....

Consulta el listado de publicaciones en este enlace

Solicitudes en: documentacion@montehermoso.net

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